Soft PVC – strips

Our soft PVC strips are versatile. Most often they are used as strip curtains in warehouses and cold stores. An inexpensive and practical solution to separate certain areas and at the same time meet special requirements – as wind and weather protection in outdoor areas, as hall and strip gates, door shielding for refrigerated vehicles. For example, animals in the barn can also easily pass through the strip curtains. But also as a splash or noise protection, a lamella curtain made of soft PVC strips is excellent and inexpensive at the same time. Also available as double ribbed.

Soft PVC strips crystal clear or colored, made of Kenoplast A01 normal cold resistant up to -35°C – hardness 78 Shore A or Kenoplast A02 extreme cold resistant up to -45°C – hardness 63 Shore A, with rounded longitudinal edges, standard material available from stock.

Standard dimensions:
Widths mm: 100-200-300-400
Thickness mm: 2 – 3 – 4
Length mm: 50 m standard

Widths: 50 to 500 mm
Thicknesses: 1.0 – 5 mm
Length: 50 m or other roll lengths on request.

Smooth / Glossy or
Frosted / satin (milk glass effect)

Gate construction – / slat gates, strip curtains, industry + commerce, partitioning of production / storage areas, cold stores, door shielding for refrigerated vehicles, warning strips in industrial gates, privacy screens, etc.

Gate manufacturer, industrial equipment supplier, stable construction, automotive industry,
Technical dealers, vehicle equipment suppliers, slaughter / dairy plants etc.