Our soft PVC rolls in technical quality are widely used in industry and trade. As a liner for catch basins, underlays for machines or visual and sound protection – adapt the dimensions to your place of use. For this we will gladly advise you!

Soft PVC rolls natural/honey yellow,
Technical quality made of Kenoplast A10-103 – hardness 70 Shore A,
Longitudinal edges cut,
partly standard material available from stock.

Available from stock in (width x thickness x length):
– 1.000 x 2 mm x 20 m
– 1.000 x 3 mm x 20 m
– 1.000 x 4 mm x 20 m
– 1.000 x 5 mm x 20 m
– 1.000 x 8 mm x 20 m
– 1.200 x 2 mm x 20 m
– 1.200 x 3 mm x 20 m
– 1.200 x 4 mm x 20 m
– 1.400 x 3 mm x 20 m
– 1.500 x 3 mm x 20 m

Other dimensions possible on request, in the following dimensions
Widths: 100 to 1,500 mm
Thicknesses: 1.0 – 12 mm
Length: 50 m strip goods and 20 m wide goods on request also in other roll lengths.

Industry + trade, soundproofing, visual protection, seals, vibration protection,
Supports for machinery, bullet trap slats & bullet trap plates,
Lining of collecting tanks, Chem. Industry etc.

Door manufacturers, air conditioning / heating manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, shooting range manufacturers.
Automotive industry, construction industry, technical dealers, plant engineering, vehicle equipment manufacturers,
Slaughter and dairy plants, etc.

Kenoplast A10-103 self-healing bullet trap lamella for police, customs & military firing systems. The bullets penetrate the lamella and the kinetic energy and spin of the bullet are sufficient for the opening to close again by itself. As a result, the plates have an extremely long service life!