Our slip-stop foils made of soft PVC adhere particularly well to work tables with tools and dampen noise in the process. A durable material that is versatile – find the right size for your location!

Films and sheets for anti-slip and dust collection applications.

– Widths: 100, 600 and 1,000 mm
– Thickness: 1 – 6 mm
– Roll length. 20 – 50 m or as cut to size

Anti-slip mats – or anti-slip films made of Kenoplast A06, for calm product adhesion:
Vibrating equipment such as: Pulverizers, chemical mills in the laboratory area have the property to vibrate on the tables.
to “wander” and then find a fragile end on the ground. If you put the non-slip film under the equipment, it will be
put an end to “wandering”. An important work-physiological benefit is the high noise-dampening effect of this

Plastic material. There is no annoying clicking and clattering of tools on workstations occupied with them. In a
assembly room with several 100 workstations results in a whole new calm, nerve-saving atmosphere. The material
is effective indefinitely. To clean, simply rinse with clean water and let dry, it will again have the
same adhesive properties. The material resists a wide range of chemical substances such as oils, acids, alkalis, etc.

Kenoplast A06 dust collection mats:
The dust collection mats, which are made of a permanently “sticky” plastic compound, release dust when people walk into clean
and sterile rooms even firmly adhering contamination from shoe soles or transport trolley rollers and keep dust-
or dirt particles permanently. The traces of dust or dirt are clearly visible on the mat. The dark blue
Color makes it easy to see the degree of contamination. They are supplied in protective foils, which must be removed before use.
is and are easy to clean. All that is needed is a sponge, soapy water and a rubber squeegee. The liquid lifts the
The adhesive force is restored in the short term, and the dust that previously adhered firmly can simply be wiped off with a sponge.
Full surface activity is restored as soon as the mat is dry.

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